Project Update

Midvalley Highway Project Update – September 2020

With construction season coming to end, the Midvalley Highway project crews have begun winter shutdown. While crews will not be actively working through the winter months, we completed key elements of the project in anticipation for completion estimated Fall 2021.

  • SR-138 Tie-in – The tie-in of the Midvalley Highway to SR-138 was completed mid-August and the current traffic pattern for east and westbound motorists will be in place until project completion, estimated for Fall 2021. Completing this work during 2020 will allow the overall project to be completed on time. To see how traffic will flow when the project is done, see the maps on the project website.
  • Bridge Work and Settlement – The project includes two bridges, one mid-project and one that connects the Midvalley Highway to I-80 on the north end. Due to the marshy ground, a sufficient time period is necessary to allow for the ground beneath the bridges to settle. To accelerate settlement, crews have placed extra material on the bridge slopes – known as surcharge. The settlement process is expected to last into next year. Once special instruments indicate that the ground is stable, the extra material will be removed and the bridges can be completed on solid ground.

While crews will not be actively working during the winter months as the settlement process occurs, we urge all motorists to continue to use caution while driving through the project area.  The current traffic configuration  will be in place through the completion of the project. Please obey all posted speeds and traffic signage for your safety and that of our crews who will be on the job at various times during the shutdown.

The project hotline and email will continue to be monitored during the winter shut-down. Feel free to reach us at the contact information below. You can also follow us on Facebook for project updates and updates regarding all Tooele Valley UDOT projects.

Midvalley Hotline: 435-557-0409
Midvalley Project email:
UDOT Tooele Valley Projects Facebook

Future Midvalley Highway Looking North to I-180
Parachute Lane at SR-138 and the Future Midvalley Highway
Midvalley Highway Bridge Structures at I-180