Project Update

Midvalley Highway Project Update – July 2020

Crews have made major progress on the new Midvalley Highway, which will keep Tooele County moving. Two major elements of the project have reached significant milestones with work set to begin this month on a third critical project component. 

  • Bridge Work and Settlement – The project includes two bridges, one mid-project and one that connects the Midvalley Highway to I-80 on the north end. Crews have hauled 1.5 million tons of fill material to build up the roadway and area around both bridges. Now, the waiting game begins while the ground beneath the bridges settles. To accelerate settlement, crews have placed extra material on the bridge slopes – known as surcharge – but the settlement process is expected to last until Summer 2021. Once special instruments indicate that the ground is stable, the extra material will be removed and the bridges can be built on solid ground. While you may not see a lot of activity during the settlement period, please know gravity is working to ensure a solid foundation for the bridges for decades to come. 
  • SR-138 Tie-in – The newest major element of project work is tying what will become the new Midvalley Highway into SR-138 on the south end. With major bridge and road work farther north on the project on hold until next year following settlement, crews must use this season to tie the roads together at the south end to keep the project on schedule. Details on this work are below. 

Midvalley/SR-138 Tie-in and Parachute Lane Paving

  • Traffic has been reduced to one way through the area of SR-138 and Sheep Lane while crews prepare to tie SR-138 to the southern end of the new Midvalley Highway. 
  • Temporary signals have been installed just east and west of Sheep Lane on SR-138, and traffic will be in a one-way configuration 24 hours/day, 7 days/week for approximately two to three weeks. Flaggers may also be used to direct traffic as needed.  
  • In an ongoing effort to improve traffic flow and ensure safety with the temporary one-way traffic configuration, access from Sheep Lane to SR-138 will be temporarily closed Friday, 7/10, to evaluate traffic patterns.
  • With traffic narrowed to one lane, crews plan to begin paving for the new tie-in from SR-138 to the southern end of Midvalley the weekend of July 10. This will include a new connection east of Sheep Lane and north of the existing SR-138 known as Parachute Lane. See illustration below.
  • Motorists can expect some delays during the one-way paving operations and are encouraged to consider alternate routes. See map below. 

New Traffic Configuration

  • Once the tie-in paving is complete, motorists can expect a new traffic pattern using the south end of Midvalley and Parachute Lane for those traveling eastbound or westbound on SR-138. Please see the below illustration. 
  • This new traffic pattern will be in place until project completion, estimated Fall 2021.
  • With major bridge and roadway work scheduled for next season following the settlement period this fall/winter and next spring, doing this major tie-in work this construction season allows the project to stay on schedule.
  • For safety purposes, UDOT will reduce the speed limit in this area to 45 mph, with further reductions on Parachute Lane. Please use caution when driving through the area and obey all posted signage. 

Midvalley Summer Alternate Route Map