Project Update

Midvalley Highway Project Update – Aug 2020
  • Sheep Lane Open and One-Way Traffic Pattern Concluded – The majority of work to tie the southern end of Midvalley Highway into SR-138 and Sheep Lane is now complete. Crews have removed the one-way traffic signals, and traffic is now generally flowing in the pattern it will follow until project completion when the Midvalley Highway to I-80 connection opens next year. (Please see exhibit below)
  • Clean-up Work along SR-138 – Crews may shift traffic in the area of SR-138 and Sheep Lane through the remainder of August to accommodate striping operations, shoulder work and other activities. Please continue to drive with caution in the construction zone.
  • Bridge Work and Settlement – The project includes two bridges, one mid-project and one that connects the Midvalley Highway to I-80 on the north end. Crews have hauled 1.5 million tons of fill material to build up the roadway and area around both bridges. Now, the waiting game begins while the ground beneath the bridges settles. To accelerate settlement, crews have placed extra material on the bridge slopes – known as surcharge – but the settlement process is expected to last until Summer 2021. Once special instruments indicate that the ground is stable, the extra material will be removed and the bridges can be built on solid ground. While you may not see a lot of activity during the settlement period, please know gravity is working to ensure a solid foundation for the bridges for decades to come.